March 30, 2007 - kenshinjeff

Ahhh! Why am I awake!!!!!

Well apparently the logistics people for ikea like to ask alot of questions when they’re in doubt. Seriously, just deliver in the evening when everyone is awake!

On the side note, I have been really awake since 11am. So as you might be able to tell from the timestamp, I spent roughly 2 hours of the morning doing these:

Upgrading wordpress, which is why you’ll probably notice some stuff not working. Actually I wasn’t intending to upgrade it, but I realised I accidentally overwrote ALL my files after an accidental unzip.

Fattening a template. Don’t understand? Take a look at this.

fat theme

Doesn’t it look fattened? Well that’s because you haven’t seen the original skinny version : D If you have _any_ experience in widening things, you’ll understand that this is a bitch of a template to resize. And I just realised that I resized it to the wrong portions, not fat enough : |

But anyway. I foresee today to be a lucky day! Why? Because my gmail spam counter has just hit 777! Woah ho!

Lucky spam


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