March 25, 2007 - kenshinjeff

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Today we went to a technology / entrepreneur / networking seminar. It was generally quite interesting, particularly one company which I will talk about later.

We managed to meet some old clients, some new prospects, opportunities. The seminar was made really nice, cos they had dynamic speakers from established companies. Some of the more interesting speakers had like a very good track record, 20 startups, 11 IPOs, 4 buy overs. Simply amazing.

There was this guy from secondlife, which perked my interest a while ago. Through some kind of weird chance, maybe there’s an opportunity for me to create a virtual bank in secondlife. Amazing isn’t it. I’m really glad that I decided to turn up.

Also we managed to meet some rather high ranking guys from IDA, from one of our old clients. Nice. : x

For those who don’t know yet, I have decided about 3 weeks ago to attend every nus seminar, because simply, I have no time to read news, and not everything you read is real anyway.

My form of information gathering and knowledge acquirement, depends on the type of people I talk to. It’s simply because when you have one piece of news, when you read it on on the papers or online, you’ll simply be regurgitating information out. If you were to couple this information with the same piece of news from another person, another perspective turns up. Which is interesting in itself, highly efficient too. If you’re someone like me that is. : D

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