February 28, 2007 - kenshinjeff

WOT!!! Yang is be decide to stop program!

For various reasons, one of the two more important reasons being “I am sick of the life of programming useless monotonous web applications for other people”. The second being, oh this will need me to create another paragraph.

When I finished serving my national service back in 2001, I had nothing much I could do, other than being really good with computers generally and with only an O levels there’s only that much one can do. It is really pretty much very extremely irritating when your peers are ALL going to universities such as MIT, Cornell, LSE, NUS, NTU, or some university in Australia. Being unable to leave Singapore, I opted to do a diploma programme at Ngee Ann instead. Personally I felt that was an obvious waste of my time, but hey, at least a dip has more weightage than an o level cert.

And it _just_ so happened that I got more involved in programming than I was actually aiming for. Couple that with opening a small IT business with my buddies, throw in a few recommendations from some companies, we somewhat became a thriving freelance programming firm. (Lots were edited out to make it seem really simple, I have a knack for doing that btw). I also was lucky enough to get employed so I started teaching programming in another school.
But anyway, in short, that sorta moved me up to at least the same level, or higher as peers of my age, depending on how you look at it. Or at least that’s what I have been feeling. So for the past year or two years life has been rather slow and tedious and boring and yukky, but of course, I am glad that I did manage to do something within the few years of my studies.

But again, the time has come where I feel lacking. Of course, some may argue that I shouldn’t stop while I’m somewhat ahead, I might just need another form of interest to further expand, blahblahblah, while these are good suggestions, I personally feel that I have to exit now. Not because it’s not a good source of extra pocket money, nor is it because of any other reasons you might be thinking of.

Which is why I have decided that I should just finish up all my loose ends and call it a day. The firm will still stay, under my trusted buddy, who is more than competent to manage on his own, well, not to say it’s easy, but at least I’m not leaving any shit to clear up.
Henceforth, I will not be programming for ANYONE once I’ve finished the last loop. If I am to code again, it will be for myself, and not anyone else. This simply just means I will not do programming jobs, but I will entertain joint ventures and business ideas and the whole lot, as long as I am not programming for an entity other than me, it should be fine.

From my point of view, this is a good way of leaving all my past and allowing me to take a new direction in my life, so that once again I can outdo myself. So there. Point 2 : DDDDD

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  • Kaori says:

    i don’t understand why so -many- people like to travel down under for a degree. Its expensive, it takes a loooong time to earn back the money spent for the degree, and considering those are low-tier unis compared to NUS/NTU, it isn’t even half as recognized~ unless its company-sponsered then i have nothing to say.

    At least you had the courage to face up to reality and stand up[s](Or was it because you were left with no choice stuck in sg..?)[/s] instead of flying to aussie and become another escapist. 😀 IMO, if you furthered your education there, i don’t think you’d be as.. achieved as you are now.

    What ever happened to your A lvl cert btw?! 😮

  • Keni says:

    The cert is as good as no cert hahaha.

    It may be expensive, but it is definitely faster, and the idea of leading a life without your parents, fully independent, turns some people on. 😀

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