February 27, 2007 - kenshinjeff

I have a new ambition!

I will make everyone know that I am not merely a mild mannered bespectacled programmer!

I shall start off by saying what’s wrong with this blog and why isn’t it as popular as it should be. When I mean “why” I’m referring to objective reasons why it doesn’t generate a nonsensical amount of web traffic, I’m not referring to aesthetic reasons such as “the owner is not handsome enough” which is so entirely not true, though it does help.

Reason 1:
There is not enough new content to draw readers back for more. While content does not need to be raw-fresh, there is a need to continuously feed users information, to keep them coming back for more, and to draw in new users.

Reason 2:
There is no function which displays things people might read. For example, top 10 most read articles, or most commented articles, or even top 10 linked articles.

Reason 3:
Usually blogs grow via word of mouth or through blatant publicity. Word of mouth meaning, you’ve written something so lame that everyone loves it, or you have a really humorous writing style. Since I don’t have a certain flair for pulling fans in with my style(less) way of writing, and I don’t intend to ever change the way I write, it is really pretty obvious that even if I do tell my friends about my blog, they come here for a different reason other than to really read it just because it’s nice to read.



  • Kaori says:

    i don’t understand your last liner… “they come here for a different reason other than to really read it just because it’s nice to read.”

  • Kaori says:

    homg my above comment was supposed to be 3 paragraphs but only 1 paragraph got posted?! @_@;;

    Anyway~ Maybe you can be a (H)imbo and blog about your narcissistic photos, your new hairstyles and colors, reviews of salons, pictures of you and your friends clubbing, pictures of you holidaying overseas… Or just about the secret to your fair skin, really. I’m sure the last option works. ;x Your hit counter will burst the meter.

    But Srsly, I think your blog speaks more wise than the stereotypical, nonsensical “sG B/HiMbO bLoGs wOrs`” that appeals to the mass popularity. The kind of reading material they dig reflects much on their mentality, superficiality and IQ.
    Mainstream singaporeans never fail to remind me of their dumbness~ i presume its the result of the “elite education system” [/smirk]

    UR B|0G 15 T00 1337 F0R 7H3M 1|\|F3R|0R B31|\|G5!11

    Just my 200 yen worth of opinions. 😀

    //this long comment had better be submitted fully, otherwise i shall scream like a wh0re.

  • kenshinjeff says:

    I personally have no idea what that means too, but that’s what I feel : DDDDD

    Whatever the case is, I might mean most people read this blog because they have really totally ran out of other stuff to read online, or something close to that.

    And that is different from a user knowing what they want to read when they first come online. This is not the type of blog most people would want to come online to read as their first thing. Yah, something like that.

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Oh that is so sweet of you to say something like that, actually I kinda expected you to say something like that, thank you : )

    But the point is. YOU ARE NOT NORMAL!!!!! How can ANYONE who claims to be like suzumiya haruhi be any normal !!!??? *runs*

  • cloud says:

    but you are really not hansamu enough

  • kenshinjeff says:

    You are in no position to say so because you are jealous of that an oba on the shinkansen said I was handsamu! I can so feel everyone going to flame me for this btw : DDDDD

  • cloud says:

    obas are well known for being short sighted :p

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Now, now, we all have heard the story numerous times, the oba was sitting on my right. You know, point blank bio-ing status?

  • cloud says:

    obas are also known for being far sighted

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