February 16, 2007 - kenshinjeff

Heroes update~

You know those kind of personality tests that are available the moment something popular comes up? Something like this:

“You are Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, being charismatic and having a high intellect, you are best suited for being the leader for a group of misfits which plan to save the world from each earth destroying scenario that comes out which each new issue of the comic book”

Obviously that’s an absolute waste of time for anyone. But anyway, I want to be Hiro Nakamura and/or Syler. I always had trouble choosing between time traveling and teleportation, but this guy does it all and plays Final Fantasy too!

Those that are interested in him can read his blog, it’s kind cute. Hiro’s Blog Let me explain a little for those who don’t play games.

  1. Setzer Gabbiani – Final Fantasy 6 character. Basically he’s the transport guy who owns a flying casino in the game. “Slot attack” is basically his special skill in which a mini screen comes up which looks like a slot machine, and depending on what you get on the slot machine you get a different kind of attack.
  2. Chocobo – Apparrently not everyone knows what a chocobo is. The defacto is a yellow transport chicken which your Final Fantasy characters can ride. There’ll be no random enemy encounters when you’re on a chocobo.
  3. L1 + R1 – Usually on the old snes/super famicom system, when you hold the L + R buttons while in battle, it issues a running away from battle command as long as you keep holding them down. Of course, as long as you hold them down, your chances of escaping from battle increases, while you’re running your susceptible to attacks from the enemy.
  4. The stats chart that on his blog is usually one from the Dungeon & Dragon role playing game. They more or less define your abilities in the role playing environment.STR – Strength / DEX – Dexterity / CON – Constitution / INT – Intelligence / WIS – Wisdom / Race – Race of your character / Alignment – Where your character stands in the world of good & evil / AC – Armour Class / Class – What type of character you are. A kensei would literally translate to sword master.
  5. Miyazaki – Hayao Miyazaki, owner / co-founder of Studio Ghibli – Princess Mononoke / Spirited away / Howl’s moving castle / blahblah.

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