January 25, 2007 - kenshinjeff

the doctor is in!

Just a few weeks ago, one of my buddies were trying to show me a website he did, and it turns out that doctor who is going to start screening in Singapore! Obviously I went to the wiki to search for more information, and surprisingly, it’s the longest running tv series listed in the guinness book of world records with a stunning 724 episodes! To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if it is REALLY the longest running tv series considering that I’ve heard there’s this china tv production with over 500 episodes, which I will never know because I will never watch.

Being a slave to the “I must do everything else before everyone else” syndrome, I started to look for seeds, then carried on asking everyone whom I thought had someone who already have it so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time on it. If I didn’t ask you, you probably didn’t seem like the english tv kind of person or knew anyone who fit the citerea, it’s ok, I love my cheena friends / readers too : D

Anyway it’s very nice! Well at least to someone like me who’s really a closet sci fi fan. I mean like, a doctor knows everything, a time traveling spaceship which looks like an old london telephone booth, and a chick assistant! Oh yah I forgot the most important stuff, the gadget and the aliens! How cool!

You can actually stop reading at this point if you decide that Doctor Who is not what you really want to spend another 4-5 minutes of your life on, because I’m going to rant on basic Doctor Who terminology to get the rest of the not-so-smart readers hooked on it.

The Doctor – Time traveling, an alien which looks like a human but is actually a time lord, they don’t age, live extremely long, are extremely smart, witty ( though I’m pretty sure witty is part of being brit ). Oh Oh! Time lords can regenerate fully when they are stuck in a life and death situation.
Assistant – Every season has a different kind of assistant, usually they are pretty ladies, sometimes tin dogs, and at one time the tardis I think.

Tardis – Time And Relative Dimension In Space
The time machine which the doctor uses to travel.

Sonic Screwdriver – The blue pointy pen looking thing that the doctor uses all the time. Most of the times it’s used to lock / unlock stuff but usually it’s used for a deus ex machina.

Daleks – EVIL mutants in robot shells! Born to destroy, devoid of emotions, blahblah, eternal enemies of the doctor.

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