January 25, 2007 - kenshinjeff


This anime is ridiculously lame, which is why I like watching it.

You know, you can’t be too serious all the time, you’ll end up being something like someone with a really serious look, and you can’t be too lame all the time, you’ll end up being something like me.
How lame is it?

  • Immediately upon telling something is dangerous to one character, another character can be seen in the background or the next scene doing exactly something dangerous. Kinda like stephen chow shows but it’s in anime form so they can exaggerate it more : D
  • Spoofs of other famous japanese anime. The lead, Gintoki says something like “I wish I had something like bankai”. You should just go kick yourself if you don’t know what bankai is btw.
  • The shinsengumi in the show is spelt as ??? instead of ???
  • The anime starts with a picture of kon from bleach, which is really a deliberate attempt because in japan, bleach starts before gintama.
  • This would be how I would have written the comic : D

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