January 22, 2007 - kenshinjeff

places to go things to do before i die

I can’t remember if I’ve ever put this up before, but just incase I haven’t:

  • Lean on leaning tower of pisa
  • Spit off the great wall
  • Bring a piece of the sphinx back home
  • Kick the statue of liberty
  • Drink coffee at a cafe under eiffel tower with my beloved
  • Piss into vienna
  • Piss into the grand canyon
  • Pose as a gladiator in the colossum
  • Try to pose over one of the rocks at stonehedge
  • Visit Reichenbach Falls in Meiringen

My memory is not good I’ll add more when I can remember.

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  • Keni says:

    Piss on an iceberg, watch it turn yellow and melt. Must have enough piss so that it’ll pollute the ocean.

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