January 22, 2007 - kenshinjeff

Hmn I’ld be so cool if I were a chick.

No worry folks, this is not a confession of being gay, though I know lots of you are waiting for that to happen, one way or another. Oh the agony of waiting. You know, the trick to waiting, is to do something else while waiting, I saw one of those posters in one of my doctor’s place the other time I was there.

Well anyway, why do I say that? Mainly because of the really random things that I say. For example, this is in realtime:

KenShin Jeff says (2:18 AM):
I want to munch on something~
Keni: says (2:18 AM):
Ok cheese then.
Keni: says (2:18 AM):
Lemme wear my shorts first.
KenShin Jeff says (2:18 AM):
Same here
KenShin Jeff says (2:18 AM):
But why are we telling each other that?

I do realise that not everyone would find this funny, well probably because no one really knows me, nor kenny, but the point is, it’s just random, and funny, at least to the person I was conversing with.

When I have no tact, I make it seem that I have totally no tact at all, instead of trying to pretend that I have any tact at all. All this would seem less confusing if you had any prior experience with me, sometimes I can really be loopy and it does seem that way even though everyone knows that I’m pretending!

Ok so I made you read and re-read a few lines of nonsense which doesn’t contribute to the main topic. Welcome to my world!

The point is, you know, when an really pretty chick does something rude, and people will go, “Oh she thinks she’s so hot, she can do anything she wants, well hello Ms Paris, you’re not in London”. Or something like this when you see someone really ugly doing something really inappropriate “Wah lauuuuu, disgusting leh, she think she Paris Hilton ah?”

Maybe it’s just people who like to comment and judge everything they say, but I’ld figure that if I were female, I probably wouldn’t be as good looking as my male counterpart, and I could still pull off the “looking somewhere in the middle” doing something “inappropriate” and STILL be able to get away with it all.

And so that’s just one reason why I’ld be so cool if I were a chick. Let’s go to reason number two.

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