January 8, 2007 - kenshinjeff

chmodthis! /w japanese fashion!

Sometimes it’s freaking irritating when you realise you can’t download a file through winscp when you can see it. No logic right.

Well apache owns the file, and by default there’s some stupid permission like rw——- so no one else, even the account holder can download the file, though he can list them out.
Everyone knowing how lazy I am, I decided to write a oneliner so that I can just chuck the file in, and run it.


So yeah, I was gonna rant on, until I saw this uber cool japanese clothing website from another blog. Tis sooooo much cooler, that just looking at it makes me feel much cooler than I already am, or was, maybe. : DDDDD

It’s like I flew out of an anime or someshit like that. oooh. so cool. brrrrrr.

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