January 4, 2007 - kenshinjeff

Massage at KL

Sometimes, I marvel at myself for having the ability to make anything seem interesting /geeky / lame / funny.

You get served with:

  • A cigarette from a wooden box, lit by an attendent, at ANY possible smoking time;
  • A drink of your choice, beer costs extra of course.
  • Food at the counter [ Teochew porridge, Western Food, Fried ZiChar stuff ]
  • Drinks all over the place [ It feels like a kopitiam which you can order anything ]
  • Terminals for using Internet, connected internally via 803.11G [ I checked : D ]
  • There’s supposed to be a dimly lit room filled with tv / dvds to watch in the aircon which I didn’t have the time to try

When you arrive, you deposit your more valuable stuff in a deposit box like those in the bank deposit boxes, ie you are given a key, the manager holds the other key to open your box.

So after depositing your clothes into another locker, you get to shower (of course), enjoy the jacuzzi, steamroom, sauna room, massage ( with special, not sure how much it costs though ), the shower area has this area with EVERYTHING NEW. Comb, Gel, Hair Spray, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hair Dryer, Cotton Buds, and dunno what for customers.

It’s damn power. Or, it could be because I’ve never been to one of these places before. And the price? A freaking RM118 only.


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