January 4, 2007 - kenshinjeff

genting, one of the most boring destinations around

It seems, we managed to be very lucky in the sense that our engine was not stalled in any kind of flood water, and we didn’t manage to go past any form of cliff barrier on the way up / down, though it did really seem like we’ld go over at any one point : D

The destination on the other hand, was possibly as boring as it could get, even for someone like me who has travelled alone.

  • Lousy food
  • Lousy cinema
  • Lousy shopping
  • Expensive tai-tourist thingys
  • Absolute lack of chais
  • Absolute lack of things to do

Probably the only forgiving thing is the weather.

I heard the cards are switched when a crowd is expected at the casino, it must be true, for I lost at EVERY game I played. They’re cursed I tell you. It would be really stupid of me to label this post under “logic & ideology” or “interesting facts” because it isn’t. I will put the casino findings and my superb KL massage side trip in two different posts just because they deserve it more than this piece of shit.


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