December 23, 2006 - kenshinjeff

today marks the death of my ps2

Ahhh the agony, for my ps2 is about to be thrown one side *sobsob*

Either that or I just need a really large hdtv in my room : D

My hands are already tired from all the aiming and boxing and tennis. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

games / yang


  • Fang says:

    hao lian!

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Oh please oh please~ This is not haolian~ I’m just acting as myself~ : DDDDD

    No difference in anyway~ None at all~

  • kaori says:

    o.O you got a Wii? >_>;;

    anyway i randomly surfed onto your blog somtime ago and i like reading your blog, so i added you to friendster ^^;

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Yes! I got a wii! Muahahahahaha. Thanks for taking your time to comment : D I’m so happy that there are people who actually bother to do stuff like that : DDDDD

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