December 9, 2006 - kenshinjeff

The casino is going to plunge singapore into chaos!

Yeap, and the coffeeshops and markets will be empty because everyone is at the casino trying to be Chow Yun Fatt. No one will get to eat and eventually everyone will die of hunger or chocolate OD for that matter.
But anyway, let’s talk about something more contextual and meaningful. Gambling itself : D

First off, let’s talk about blackjack. Everyone knows blackjack, right? For every round, each individual player plays their own hand, along with their own bets against the dealer. From the dealer’s point of view, there is a distinct advantage considering that:

  • He is the last to draw,
  • He plays against EVERY player each round with the same hand

There really isn’t any trick to it, if the table plays long enough, the odds are that the dealer will always have a considerably high advantage. I even suspect the very whole idea of triple sevens, duo aces, and blackjack itself are just put in to let bait players in.

What’s more interesting is the card counting itself. It is possible to tip the scales in your favor. Card counting is not illegal, at least not here yet, of course people who are known to be card counters get are banned from the casinos which they were caught. Knowing Singaporeans, I’ll probably just sit back, relax and wait for someone to get caught.

Roulette, everyone’s favourite wheel of fortune without Vanna White. I have never played it before, neither do I know how it’s done. But I do know that there is a green spot labelled in which all the players lose. It’s almost like before you start the game, you already know you’re going to lose! Heh.


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