December 1, 2006 - kenshinjeff

something that you know but can’t teach or tell another

For example, this hit me when they were collecting papers today in the classroom.

You can’t be told how important your life is, neither will you realise it yourself if someone tells you so. You will only realise the fact that your life is important, only when you stop to think about it.

It’s not exactly the same as telling someone “oh the sun rises in the east”. It is true, you don’t need to think about it, you can even see it for yourself. But you won’t suddenly dawn to you (pun intended, obviously) that the sun rises in the east when you think about it.

How did I come up with such rubbish you ask? I was thinking about how sheltered some rich people can be. And I didn’t want my kids to grow up in that way. Then again, who’s to say whether your children should grow up to be an image (or not!) of yourself. I then thought about grandparents who usually see their children and their grandchildren grow up. Grandparents will obviously tell you that your life is important, but of course, the usual perception is that they say that because they are your grandparents.

Come to think of it. You can’t technically be told your life is important by someone else can it? It’s kinda like tacit knowledge but you can’t really do anything useful with it. Probably makes you a little bit more mature I suppose.

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