October 8, 2006 - kenshinjeff

wassap world~

Hiho~ It’s been a while since I last blogged. Lots have happened so far, and lots more will keep happening : D

First off, let me start off with the ridiculous amount of work I’ve amassed so far. I had a 3 month holiday before my current term started, and I figured that I could blog something for 3 months. Well it turned out that I was actually sleeping less during my holidays than my actual school days! There was soooo much freelance work floating around.

In order of importance, I went to landmark forum, it’s those kind of courses which I can’t even begin to describe. Well anyway, it’s listed as number 2, in the top 100 adventures section of this website. Unlike what most people think, this course actually helps you in your life! I personally like to call it “The matrix course”, because you really can’t be told what the matrix is, you’ll have to see it and experience it yourself.
Unfortunately, it is hard to explain what goes on in the course, and it is marketed rather like a self-help course, labelled very much like what it appears to be a religious brainwashing cult, and the preview session _does_ make it seem like it’s only for problematic people. So it is really _very_ hard to convince people around me to participate in it. It is really a pity that I couldn’t manage to get the people important in my life to actually attend it, and I sincerely think that it is beneficial to anyone who attends it.

I personally do not see the problem here. If someone like me can accept the fact that my life _can_ be better, what’s holding the rest of anyone else back? And it’s not like I am untrustworthy and easily brainwashed for any matter. *rolls eyes* Plus the fact that my friends are really important to me, why would I want to make them throw away their money for no reason at all : \ I really wouldn’t be acting like a pest if it didn’t matter to me if people around me who are important don’t attend. It matters! Complaints aside, I will still be a pest until I can get everyone around me to go.
Well I suppose some people really can’t trust anyone, then again, if you can’t trust people close to you, who are you going to trust? Ok enough landmark / philosophy. Let’s go on the the 2nd most important thing that happened during the (un)break~

My birthday! Woah ho! Those who want to see me in my purple-hair-attempting-to-ice-skate photos can drop me a message : ) For those who are slightly interested to know, I LOVED IT : D The skating the hair the falling down the pain the bruises the experience, EXCELLENT! Next year I’m going to organise paint ball! WOAH HO!

Hopefully I can spare some money and get all my friends to go. As many might have figured out by now, generally people don’t like to spend money on something they might not like. Well anyway, in order to combat that, I’ve decided that I should attempt to pay for everyone who wants to get have a really great time, getting shot at, dirty, messy and yukky. It’s important stuff in life like these that money can’t buy.

Speaking of which, I might add that travelling while you are young, travelling while you are with friends, travelling while you are with parents, travelling while you’re not supposed to, does actually make a really big difference, even though you are visiting the same place. You don’t really need rocket science to figure out that when you’ve revisited a certain familiar place in different parts of your life, you get different experiences. Plus, you get to do all those really silly stuff while you’re younger.

SIDENOTE: I WILL be doing all those silly stuff even when I’m like 80, so you guys should really travel with me! IT’S FUN!!! : D As a sidenote within a sidenote, “fun” is a feeling, and “feelings” are created within oneself. If you go with the idea that it is fun, it WILL BE fun. If you’re dragging yourself, well, you really need nothing short of something really “fun to you” to make it fun. Which is the reason why monday blues start around sunday 5pm : DDDDD

Come to think of it, I can’t really remember what else I did in this break, except for the nonsensical amount of work. Then again I shouldn’t really be complaining about work, since my co-worker does most of it.

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  • Fang says:

    “Next year I’m going to organise paint ball!” –> Sounds damn interesting. Remember to jio mi also! HAHAHA

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