July 2, 2006 - kenshinjeff

joomla tutorial on component and module writing part 0

All the nonsense aside, I’ve been working on Joomla for the past month or so, and I must say it is really a work of art. I really like what they’ve done for it.

The only problem about it, is that, there isn’t really any good tutorials or documentation on it, yet. I say “yet” because, I am going to write a few, easy to follow tutorials for it myself. Obviously this will take some time for me to finish, and I don’t foresee it finishing soonish, but anyway here’s the list of important stuff I’ll come up with:

  • An article on how the basic joomla backend works
  • An easier to understand version of joe’s component / module
  • What you need to know, to create a popup which can use joomla’s code
  • And other stuff if I can think of any

I have rarely dissapointed others with my code, so stay tuned!


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