May 9, 2006 - kenshinjeff

Talk about internet literacy in Singapore

Today was a pretty interesting day on the cab. I was going kinda late and was rushing off to the school where I teach ASP.

So the cabbie was randomly chatting with me, and this was how the conversation roughly sounded liked. He’s about 60 I’ld suppose, and the original conversation was in mandarin.
Cabbie: You meeting someone at Raffles Hotel?
Yang: Oh no, I teach around there
C: What you teach there?
Y: How to make websites
C: Oh like those that kind?
Y: Yeah, something like that.
C: Is it expensive to attend classes like that?
Y: Well, if you go to the CC it should be quite cheap.

… stop for a while …

C: What is this “bulk” thing I see in my email ah?
Y: Wah uncle you use email ah?
C: Yah in yahoo mail they have this “bulk” thing which I always never read, I see the emails most of them are rubbish, with the penis larger thing.
Y: *snigger* oh yeah, bulk means email sent to alot of people at the same time
C: In gmail they call it “spam”
Y: WTF!? Uncle you also got gmail account ah!
C: Have ah! I also got friendster, flicker, and dunno what!
C: I got add friends randomly on friendster and got friends from 18 to 80!

Naturally I laughed all the way to school. This was something new to me. The cabbie uncle, the cheena kind that seemed too unbothered to upgrade was actually telling me about webmail and webapps! Power!

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