May 9, 2006 - kenshinjeff

“new” webcam from logitech

Here’s a demo from one of the users which gave it fab reviews.

Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP

It is pretty impressive, considering that it has motion tracking + face recognition. But aside from the pivoting camera, the other features shouldn’t be hardware based, more likely to be the software that comes with it.

Programically speaking, it shouldn’t be _too_ hard to track the face. You can always align the center portion to be the inital facial features. Then you can diff the outlines of the current image with the next image. If it moves left then tilt the camera right, and vice versa.

Considering that you can layout stuff on your face, I’ld assume that you’ll have to sit still while you drag the item on to your face (duh). So it should probably be akin to putting a virtual pane of glass, outlining your face, and then placing items on the glass itself. Then you would have effectively modulated the code.

Well, if it was done in machine code, ie, on the hardware, it would be relatively much much harder, plus given that the hardware must have some kind of processor, it’s probably written in c. Not impossible but hard.

All in all, I’ld say it’s a cool piece of toy which I don’t mind to have. Even though it _is_ USD $129.99.

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