May 1, 2006 - kenshinjeff

SuperCard MiniSD + SuperPass 2

It would seem like nowadays, technology has improved so much that you don’t even need to write to a flashable cartridge to run gba / nds roms!

SuperCard has various flavors, ( CF/SD/MiniSD ), and acts as a flashable cartridge. So it actually looks something like this. The MiniSD version is the same size as a gba, thus you can actually flush it with the base, unlike the older versions. That is a photo of it inserted into an NDS Lite btw.

MiniSD versionSD VersionSuperPass 2

And it should work out of the box to play gba stuff. As for the NDS roms, I’m not really sure. But roughly from what I read, I’ld assume that you need the SuperCard inserted, with the SuperPass with an original game sticking out of the SuperPass. Then through some form of starting and reseting the NDS, you should be able to boot pass the encryption using the original game, and load the NDS roms from the SuperCard itself.

It might be worth noting that the SuperCard (SD type) + SuperPass 2 costs around USD54. Without the SD card of course. SD cards are dirt cheap if I’m not wrong, I’ve heard it costs less than SGD50 for a 1GB SD card.

With the exchange rates of 1.59 now, the whole set should cost less than 3 expensive NDS games.

Latest update!

It would seem that my news is old news : D You can load roms directly from the cartridge, you need to your nds firmware once with the SuperPass 2! : D

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