May 1, 2006 - kenshinjeff

NDS lite is out

Well, it’s probably been out for a pretty long time. But Cloud was asking for it, so here it is:

It’s USD199, and it’s available in Crystal White or Enamel Navy currently. Personally, I bought the first batch of NDS for USD220 on ebay so this really isn’t that expensive.

Well the new one seems to be sleeker and looks much more boxy, like a cosmetics box if you’ld as me, which is pretty nifty. I suppose it would seem pretty amusing to see a female taking a white nds labelled with a cosmetics sticker, and opening it up to play mario kart ds on the train.

How you play with itThis is how you insert a GBA game or a ROM cartThis is how you insert an nds gamePicture with lid openedPicture with lid closed


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