April 18, 2006 - kenshinjeff

MFA – Made for adsense

So apparrently after playing with adsense for a while, I am still up to a big fat ZERO income from adsense, so I decided to call my trusty aid for consultation.

According to my secretary, there are a ton of MFA websites, and these websites themselves are using adsense to publish themselves. Sounds complicated eh? Well, it’s not very.

From what I gather, it is possible to make a website entirely for AdSense, there are guides floating around. And looking at the number of MFA webpages floating around, they must be generating some form of income to be able to sustain this kind of rubbish.

Well AdSense comes with it’s own ad-blocking system, called a competitive ad something, which allows you to block up to 200 urls. Well apparrently that’s not enough, I only want my users to look at relevant ads which are not duddy! Isn’t that what AdSense is all about?

Give me my properly sensed ads and give some form of reward for putting all the nonsense ads on my blog!

My blog is not a board at the bus terminal for you to place rubbish ads! You’re Google! Give me some real ads!

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  • Hi . How do I control what adverts come through my Google Ad Sense?
    I have already Adsense Ads on my webpage but I dont have people click my ad on my blog either. I think ive made about $0.60 today. Thats pretty bad…

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