April 18, 2006 - kenshinjeff

help! my video is jerky and there’s no sound!

Solution: You are missing a video codec and/or an audio codec.
By my best estimates, there’s probably a few hundred codecs out there now, and more than half of them do the same thing. And possibly you might have one that was working, until some joker decided that they should “upgrade” their encoding codecs and mess up everybody’s elses.

Problem: Which one?

Solution: Download GSpot, and it’ll tell you which codec you’re missing. Simply type in the exact name of the codec in Google and hit “I’m feeling lucky” it _should_ bring you to a page where you can download the files you need.

Just in case anyone is confused, you need the Windows 32bit binary files, and not the source code for it.

And for those who are interested. I’m using ffdshow-alpha, always. As a side note, Google can help you find GSpot, but you must be really sucky to depend on Google for it.

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