April 18, 2006 - kenshinjeff

file extensions and what to open them with

It’s irritating isn’t it, when you double click on a file in Windows and you see this popup.

You are attempting to open a file of type “yadda yadda yadda” (.abc)

These files are used by the operating system and by various programs. Editing or modifying them could damage your system.

If you still want to open the file, click Open With, otherwise, click Cancel

Well, obviously, I want to open the file, why else would I double click on it in the first place?

Anyhow, when it doubt, ask Google. Simply type in the extension you are looking for, eg: .rar, and it’ll most likely popup the appropriate software which you need to open the .rar file.

Well if it is of a really weird extension, you could try this instead. It tells you exactly what it might be, plus a whole chunk of links for you to satisfy your current downloading frenzy.

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