April 14, 2006 - kenshinjeff

The future of the Internet as Yang forecasts

Let’s try to keep this brief since everyone who knows me already knows what I feel about this. Of course, this is just a pre-ego-boost article for the events to come in the near future so that I can show off to other folks that I am right again.

  • Microsoft has taken over most of the world with Windows, and a very unlikely xbox.
  • Google has almost taken over the rest of the world with whatever they’re coming up with.
  • Microsoft has serious piracy issues
  • Google has circumvated the problem by giving free stuff out, and earning the money back from advertisements.
  • Microsoft will never be free, and they are turning to subscription based, pay to use architecture instead
  • Google is Free, as long as they keep to their word.

“Free” in itself, is an overstatement, nothing in this world is free, and nothing will ever be.

Eventually, Larry Page and Sergey Brin will die off, together with Eric Schmidt, new management will come, old management will go. Eventually, some smart ass will decide that free is not going to be free anymore, and everyone will have to pay a subscription for the usage of Google and it’s products too.
And that is how I predict the Internet world will end up.

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