April 8, 2006 - kenshinjeff

So, my blog hack is done!

As you can see with your cute blurry eyes, I’ve managed to clean up the dilbert comic so it looks more decent, I got the daily feed from tapestrycomics so it rotates a new comic everyday, and fixed it in using this guy’s feedList plugin for wordpress. Really cool stuff!

Plus, the cute but irritating dilbert comic doesn’t show on every page now, only the first page : )

I’ve even managed to put 2 google ads on the left hand side! How entirely bloggish!

As I’ve told gary, the new page will make me look like a blogger and henceforth I will be able to brand myself like the rest of the bloggers out there, who do nothing but type in front of the computer all day : D

The next thing would probably be to somehow fit pictures into the damn blog then the entire picture will be complete! Muahahahhahahaha!

really cool geeky stuff

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