March 8, 2006 - kenshinjeff

Pure Pwnage!

If you can’t tell what’s an RTS / FPS / MMO / WOW, do not watch as it will make totally no sense.

If you do play any of those genres, this is really very funny. Start from episode 6, where jeremy the rts player gets hooked on wow while trying to find his dream girl.

Some killer conversations in episode 6:

kyle: Well actually I came here to tell you that Mom wants you to come home
jeremy: I’m not gonna come home Kyle, like I got a new place to live
kyle: I don’t think Dave wants you staying on his floor anymore
jeremy: No like I don’t mean with Dave, like.. I’m gonna live in Azeroth.. like at the Inn in Iron-
kyle: How do you live in a game? I don’t understand
jeremy: Well I.. I just.. like I’m bound in Ironforge, so I just kinda hearth back there at night. I stay at the Inn, I get some rest experience
kyle: What are you gonna eat?
jeremy: Well there’s food and drink in the game.. like gets your mana and your health back like extra fast, it’s no problem

kyle: Hey Dave!
dave: Hey Kyle
kyle: I was just going to your place to see Jeremy
dave: Yeah you better take a look at him, he’s like.. he hasn’t moved for 6 days and..
kyle: What?
dave: I know, he hasn’t been eating anything all day and I’m just like “Aren’t you gonna get something to eat?” and he’s like “Well my Spirit is so high that I’m just gonna sit here and regen”
kyle: What?
dave: Yeah I know

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