February 24, 2006 - kenshinjeff

My long lost secondary school friend

Life is so unexpected, and works in mysterious ways.

Take this for an example, last week I was trying to find my long lost secondary school friend online. For those who know me, there really isn’t anything I can’t find online. And when my search ended in vain, it’s pretty obvious that my friend isn’t online at all.

I mean like, he went over to jersey like back in ’98 and never came back. I went over to stay at his hostel for about 2 weeks when I was in jersey in ’01 and I had lots of fun there. Imagine a korean babe cooking breakfast for you when you wake up, no matter that the boyfriend is in the same hostel though, heh. Whatever the case is, it was fun.

Anyway, soon after that, we lost contact again, I suppose he graduated and totally went offline or something. His email didn’t quite work and his numbers all didn’t work. So it’s really quite sad, I really wanted to hear from him, that’s why I searched online for him. Of course, that didn’t work out quite well for the many times I’ve tried.

Just when you think it’s not possible to get in contact again, I receive an email from his yahoo account to my exiled account. And he’s on gtalk! What a stroke of luck! We managed about close to 900 lines of conversation from 12 to 4 in one shot. Too much catching up to do I’ll say.


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