December 8, 2005 - kenshinjeff

where did my mambo go!

Was supposed to head down to Zouk with John today, but somehow didn’t quite go in the end. I guess I must be tired of it already, and to think ZoukOut is on this Saturday!

So today was pretty boring, I got ambushed by Shin this afternoon, or rather, my ps2 got ambushed by Shin. The dvd guy from malaysia came, finally, some form of haste from them, though quality of April Snow was so sucky that I think I can draw better than the encoded file on the dvd.

Mana tried to con me to go ktv, which I think I will be happy to do so tomorrow, MeiMei was trying to get jio me for something she didn’t know if she was going, which was quite weird, but nice. And I ended up meeting Steve to eat at Clementi.

In conclusion, I so entirely managed to sleep till 2pm, watch DevilMan, The Transporter 2, the last 2 episodes of Sex and The City, and play some Magna Carta. And of course, miss mambo.

The whole freaking world is not online today. The must be a plague or something going on that I haven’t caught onto yet. Oh wait a second, Sanado is already at Tokyo, and Charmaine en route to Hong Kong, Chole is out with her friends, so is MeiMei. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no one left liao! Tamade, I need to know more females, or I need to be awake at the correct times : D

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